Tour guide.

  • Who is a tour guide?
  • What does a tour guide do?
  • What are the things a tour guide should be interested in?
  • What are the essential qualities of a tour guide?
The person who shows the interesting places of his own country to a tourist is known as a tour guide. A tour guide helps the tourists in many ways. He helps them to get accommodation in a suitable and beautiful hotel to stay in. He welcomes them to a hotel. He is helpful with heavy bags and packets of the tourists. He shows them important and interesting places and things. He guides them as they desire. He must be interested in history and historical places. A tour guide must be smart, well-behaved, friendly, hard-working, and helpful. He is a man of learning, ready wit, and understanding. He must have the knowledge of English to speak to them. He must have training about this job from the Porzoton Corporation. Needless to say, a tour guide is a friend to the tourists. as a result there is a great role of tour guider in the life of tourist.